Bizgres – PostgreSQL for Business Intelligence

Who is it for?

Bizgres is targeted at propelling PostgreSQL into practical, real-world use within mainstream businesses needing high-quality relational database management systems for business intelligence. Most deployments will likely be for departmental applications, though enterprise workloads will also be common. Bizgres will help to make PostgreSQL a powerful alternative to Oracle, Sybase, Informix, and Microsoft proprietary databases.

Who Leads?

The community members are responsible for making technical decisions that align with the stated project objectives. This is a new project and participation is the most important aim, so we are focused on not weighing down the project with unnecessary process or beaurocracy. The developers who make up the project will create a process for organizing project decision making.

What Support is Available?

Formal Web and phone support will be available for Bizgres from Greenplum in part by its supported distribution of DeepGreen PostgreSQL which will be based on the Bizgres packages. Members of the Bizgres technical committees will also create, manage, and participate in forums where community members can support each other. This level of support is opportunistic – no guarantees, warranties, or Service Level agreements. In the future, we expect that other companies will come to offer commercial support as well.

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