Bizgres 0.6 Released

Greenplum Announces 0.6 Release of Bizgres

Enhancements to PostgreSQL Improve Data Load and Table Creation Performance

San Mateo, CA – June 30, 2005 – The Bizgres Project (, a Greenplum-sponsored, community-supported open source project, today announced the 0.6 Beta release of Bizgres, which include a substantial improvement to the performance of loading data into PostgreSQL and an increase in performance for the creation of temporary data views.

The data loading improvement optimizes the processing of the parsing stage of COPY processing, emphasizing the use of long vectors and considering the effect of CPU cache. The resulting improvement in CPU processing allows Bizgres to take advantage of very high performance disk subsystems by removing the CPU as a bottleneck.  Testing has shown improvements up to 95% in loading speed using the new capability, which will help applications that require the processing of large files into the database.

The improvement for temporary table creation bypasses the transaction logging when tables are created using the “CREATE TABLE AS SELECT” statement. Testing has shown a 65% improvement in table creation performance, which will speed applications that create temporary tables as part of their processing.“This release represents a major milestone for Greenplum as it validates our commitment to working directly with the PostgreSQL community, and to improving the capabilities of PostgreSQL for data warehousing and Business Intelligence workloads, “ explained Greenplum CEO Sam Mohamad. “We strongly believe that the principles of the open source model will result in better, more valuable software for the enterprise.”

The Bizgres Project, which was founded in April 2005, is open for general participation. The goal of Bizgres is to make PostgreSQL the industry’s most robust open source database for data warehousing and business intelligence. Today there are several different Bizgres projects in development on PG Foundry (

Greenplum, the project’s sponsor, will be basing its upcoming Greenplum MPP Edition (scheduled for general availability in Q4 2005) software on Bizgres. Greenplum is among a growing contingent of open-source software companies that are actively involved in the open-source community.

The Bizgres Project is initially focused on the x86 family of architectures and the Linux and Solaris operating systems, with a Windows version to be released later in the year. Development on The Bizgres Project includes members of the Greenplum engineering team, as well as participation from other commercial entities and individual contributors.

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